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Friday, 6 April 2007
Hackers Blog

   The characters in the "Hackers" movie were Dade Murphy, Kate Libby, Emmanuel Goldstein, Ramon Sanchez, Joey Pardella, Eugene Belford and on the opposing side, Paul Cook.

 Dade Murphy known as "Zero Cool" or "Crash Override" was a black hat and liked to break into computer systems to mess with people.

Kate Libby known as "Acid Burn" was a white hat and the one phrase that describes her motivation is defend files and claim others.

Emmanuel Goldstein known as "Cereal Killer" was a white hat and the one word that describes his motivation for hacking is fun.

Joey Pardella had no handle name yet was a drug addict. He is a black hat for all the bad things he does and his motivation is similar to Dade Murphy, just to mess with people's systems.

Eugene Belford known as "The Plague" was a black hat and the one word that describes his motivation for hacking is rob because he does nothing but stealing from people's systems.

Finally, Paul Cook known as "Lord Nikon" was a black hat and his motivation word is power. He acts like he is the lord yet a cool teenager riding a skateboard. He acts like no one can mess with him and that he is the ruler of the world of hackers.


I agree more with Dr. Charles C. Palmer because of the differences he talks of compared to Emmanuel Goldstein like the fact that hacking is considered to be a felony, which in my opinion is true. Goldstein however mentions that hacking, being considered illegal is a misunderstanding which is the opposing idea of Palmer. Therefore, I must lean more to the idea of hacking being a felony that can result in jail time for whoever is the victim.


Yes hackers should go to jail because they are doing something horrible that can cause issues to the world and especially people themselves. The time they should be jailed is immediately after their arrest.


I kind of liked the movie "Hackers" because it related to movies where people just commit crimes or do bad things and get arrested. They also had the Secret Service team which makes me think about the Rush Hour series. The movie was realistic on everything except what they showed the inside of computers looked like. My favorite character was the Shaggy character, "Cereal Killer" because he is funny, somewhat a good guy and reminds me of a person that doesn't understand as much as the others and act goofy.

Posted by ultima.firaga at 1:50 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 7 April 2007 8:40 PM EDT
Wednesday, 28 February 2007

            You might think it is a crazy question but I kind of believe that A.I. is possible because technology in machines is improving time by time. As of now machines and robots don’t act as well as humans but you never know how crazy the world can become just like how we went from typewriters to computers.


            In a way it is kind of both because it would be cool and helpful to have something that is smarter than you and can do some of the things you hate to do but it can also be annoying and dangerous to have something that is always right and also bug you around, and worst of all, take over you.

Posted by ultima.firaga at 2:19 PM EST

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