Blog: 9/30/07

Well here I am sorry to say that I disappointed my team and myself just for not scoring a goal in any of the three games of the tournament. Like I promised the scores of the three games were 1-0, 4-0, and 1-0. All three games were dogfights, even the 4-0 game. I felt our defense did the best they could as well as the rest of the team. If you look to the right and see one of my five classmate links you'll see one of them reads Julio. That dude is one of my teammates as well and I have to give credit to him from the way he plays. He just never gives up on a play like he is never going to run out of energy. His playing style kind of reminds me of my best friend who passed away in a soccer game ten feet away from me (if you people remember watching the news you know you I am talking about). He was fast, played six years with me (this year would have been seven) and is the person that motivates me to reach my goals. Just like the rest of the team I do whatever I can for the team to honor Ifeanyi Ezeh whom I'll never forget for the time I can remember.


Talking on a sad note I'll just give the schedule down like this:

Class 1-Economics/American Government with Mr. Sherr in Room 206

Class 2-Intermediate Computer Science with Mr. Styner in Room 400

Class 3-AP Calculus with Mr. Lebe in Room 219

Class 4-Athletics with Mr. Manos in the GYM

Tune in sometime soon










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