Blog: 10/26/07


1. From one to ten my understanding of javascript would probably be a seven.

2. I chose a seven because I believe I am getting some of the tags I have learned, yet there are still some cases where I just don't get a thing. I think seven is a satisfactory scale number and makes the most sense for someone like me who has strengths and weaknesses depending on the program I work on.

3. Well, loops aren't so difficult to me but out of that list it probably has made my brain hurt the most.

4. My ability to read and trace codes is ranked as an eight. I feel like I understand any kind of code and can say what is the outcome. Even if I screw up and get it wrong I still know exactly why I got it wrong. I think I have improved a bit over the last couple of weeks, but only by a slim margin.

5. Really I am not a big fan of spirit week but I still think it is a cool school event to have so the different grade classes can brag (seniors always win). Since I am not going to be here next year, it won't matter to me what I say. However for the younger students I think they should keep it since it after all is only one week long. The best parts of spirit week is the rally where all four grade classes show off whatever they got and compete to be the best (like I said, seniors always win because they have the most experience). The worst part of spirit week is the craziness everyone has when doing the senior run in the hallways. Every year there seems to be trouble and the spirit rally is always on the line of even happening. That is why I think the senior run is just a wild event, because who knows if someone trips and then twenty people break their arms after running at full speed.











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