Blog: 12/16/07

1. My favorite part of Javascript was getting the program to work after all the typing. It was all kind of even. I didn't really have a favorite or least favorite part of Javascript. If I had to choose the least favorite aspect it would have to be all the typing I did and not getting the program to work. It soon would become of but before that time, I was frustrated like I was always going to be frustrated.

2. Compared to the beginning of the class my understanding of all the different parts I learned has increased because everything in my brain was all rusty but things finally started to come together near the end of the first quarter.

3. I thought the program role plays were cool to have. It's a different way of understanding the programs and seemed a bit confusing when having a bunch of people mixed together. But after doing it a second time I could then understand a little better what the program should be like so it was cool.

4. Earlier this semester I said Mr. Styner should have us go to our computers and teach us the programs from where we are sitting. Now I have realized that if you just pay close attention to everything Mr. Styner is saying infront of the class and ask any questions of anything you still don't understand, then it will all come through. Some of it however will just have to be done on your own. With that said I really don't know what Mr. Styner should do differently. A suggestion might be having one day where all we do is listen to Mr. Styner's lecture of our next program and the next day we spend the whole day working on that program. It might not be a good suggestion but I for now am okay with the routine of the class.

5. Over winter break I am going to continue practicing with the Varsity soccer team since I am still on the team. We might play a game or two, hopefully. I will be spending Christmas Eve at my godmother's house (I'm gonna have hecka pizza), Christmas at my aunt's house (first the hugs, kisses, presents and not to mention the breakfast), New Year's Eve at my house (it really is my mom and dad's house) and New Years at my grandma's house (I always celebrate it at my grandma's). The rest of the time, I will be at my house either playing videogames, eating food, watching television or movies, doing any homework (hopefully I won't have to), watching my dad play indoor soccer and the most boring yet comfortable event in the history of mankind .... sleeping.












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