1. The best thing I learned in Intermediate was how to actually succeed through the actionscript, especially the snowman since it turned out to be the coolest.

2. Yes I would consider AP Computers because first of all, I am going to take the class and second of all, computers is among my top two subjects of interest along with math. Computers is complicated, but when you see what you made and the money you can make, it all pays off.

3. My understanding on the programming is at an 8. I'm usually somebody that is in the B range, meaning I do well but not at the best. I feel I gave more effort into my work in this class then when I took Intro. It all went well since I scratched off an A on my transcript.

4. This term I gladly experienced another performance at the Talent Show, a freezing night at Boomers. So far our Varsity soccer team is on a roll with a 6-2 record. We lead the freaking HAAL! The last time that ever happened I probably was still in elementary school. My other soccer team also had an interesting year winning first in the Silver Division after getting kicked out in the Gold Division thanks to an unnecessary fight. The term went great, and I know the second will be even better, since this is my last year.

5. I really don't follow the standings for the Republicans and Democrats since I first can't vote, and also have much more important business. However, I would choose to have Barack Obama as president. He just seems like a likeable person, much more than George Bush. Hillary would be good to have as president but I just don't feel that the country will be as happy to have her as president.

6. It shows that 2008 is a historic year. To have either the first black or female president to run up the standings is a cool thing because what more than to replace George Bush without a person that would make history either way. One thing for sure is that if Jon Edwards continues to stay in the middle range of votes then Hillary or Obama will definitely be the Democratic leader.



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