Blog: 10/31/07


Well, sorry to say how long it took for me to report what I have done the past few weeks. Like I said I will first talk about Boomers. The cool part of Boomers night was riding the go-karts and playing laser tag. The horrible part of it was that it took an hour and a half to wait in line. I still got to play hecka arcade games like the shooting hoops, soccer goal and also (my favorite part of the night) NFL Blitz. It was a game between the 49ers and the Raiders. I was the Raiders and scored the winning touchdown with six seconds left. It was a cool game.

That was about it since the night at Boomers lasted only three hours for me. It was after all a not so good day after what happened to the student who got shot. It has been a long time since I have typed this other version of blogs. This past weekend my soccer team failed again in the Newark Orange & Black Classic tournament. Our scores were 1-1 against Livermore, 2-0 loss against the Oakland Leopards and a disheartening 2-1 loss against the San Ramon Avengers. However this season has been enjoyable yet tough to have my dad as the coach. But I can deal with easier than the other players. Our last game is against the Montclair Dust Mites. Wonder how they will come back after losing 6-0 to us the first time we played them.

I just forgot that today is Halloween. I also have to study for two midterms tomorrow. I better conclude this before I start to drag off and not be able to study. Well if it is Halloween than tomorrow is November, so I end this october.html with: tune in sometime to november.html.











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