Blog: 10/07/07


Well, I have finally scored a goal and who would have thought that it would have come during the worst injury of my life, a simple pulled hamstring. Anyone who cares to hear the details, here they are. The ball was passed to me by one of my teammates and no one was around me (that's why the ball was passed to me) so I slowly dribbled towards the goal until three defenders in a line were infront. So I just felt so desperate to take a shot and thinking too quick I used my pesky toe and chipped at a good velocity to the right corner (this came from left mid side) of the goal. At first it looked like it was going to go over until it sunk right before it went under the crossbar. It was the coolest goal I ever made, but I wish even better that my best friend could have seen this. All of my effort into that goal and playing the game is dedicated mostly to my best friend only because that is how we became best friends, playing on the same soccer team.

The final score was 6-0. What a big turnaround from what has happened this entire year. Everyone played great including the two dudes Nelson Vega and Jose Collazo who I believe are improving day after day.

I don't know how big this october.html thing will be but I will talk about something cool that is going to happen next week. That would be Boomers (yet I liked the name Camelot better). This is only for people who have never been to Boomers and especially for ones that have yet to become a senior, they can get a little taste of what is inside Boomers castle.

That will be next week y'all.










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